Liberals Support a Flag Desecration Amendment

There is a new world order in American politics. Liberals are in a panic. Democrats are wondering how they can gain the upper hand. There has been a new effort among Democrats to play the kind of hardball that conservatives have been doing since the Reagan years. Democrats may have finally hit upon a real plan that can emulate that conservative hardball.

Democrats hope to tweak the noses of conservatives and lead them to their own destruction. In the same way that Republicans attacked the Democrat constituency through the War on Drugs, a similar plan is being hatched by liberals. Liberals are proposing a War on Flag Desecrators. Who can oppose such an obvious good and just proposal?

An unnamed speaker at a recent liberal conference made the following speech:

There is an opening for liberal political gains with the hyper-patriotic push for a flag desecration amendment. We can boost liberal electoral power by putting forward an amendment on flag desecration. In the meantime,...

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