Liberals Support a Flag Desecration Amendment!!

There is one more layer to set the trap for the enemies of liberalism. This layer will be harder to get into the law books, but a few well-chosen cases escalated to sympathetic judges should set sufficient precedents. The widespread display of the Confederate flag by reactionary southerners needs to be a particular target for this flag desecration amendment. Everyone knows, of course, that the Confederate flag was the banner of secession and treason, as the Union saw it. But most people don't know that the Confederate flag design itself was a physical desecration of the Stars and Stripes. It was a deliberate taking of the physical elements of the Union flag to rearrange them in a parody. It was meant to anger the Union and symbolically split the flag as the South wanted to split the union.

The liberal line will be simple and direct. The ability to remove the flag desecrators from the streets of America will make things safer in America. After all, flag desecration is a serious offense and sets a very poor example for our youth. The flag code clearly states that the flag should be brought in after sunset unless a spotlight is shined directly upon it. A porch light 50 feet away in a doorway would not qualify. The flag code also clearly states the flag should be brought in during inclement weather. Also, with exact digital color definitions for the official colors of the American flag, those flags that are faded and ready for retirement by burning will be readily identifiable.

All displays of this treasonous banner would have to cease, but this outcome cannot be part of the initial activism to get the flag desecration laws passed. Instead, this would be an outcome that liberals will keep to themselves while pursuing the parallel course to set precedents. Eventually, continued displays of the banner will eventually be viewed as more than just desecration, but actual treasonous incitement of the masses allowing for easy prosecution. With many intolerant jingoistic southerners cooling their heels in Gitmo detention for flag desecration and potentially high treason, liberals should have no trouble taking the South in the Electoral College in just a decade or two.

Think of the growth of liberal power, as more and more pseudo-patriotic extremists are rightfully imprisoned for their desecration transgressions. We might even be able to get large mandatory sentencing guidelines pushed through, along with the amendment to prevent activist judges that oppose the liberal agenda from trying to let their compatriots off with a wrist slap. This is how political power is seized in America. The Republicans have broken the necessary ground, demonstrating the efficacy of this methodology. Patriotism will allow us to force through heavy penalties for flag desecration. These heavy penalties will allow us to imprison conservatives in large numbers the same way that liberals were imprisoned in large numbers by the War on Drugs in the 1980s artificially shaping the voting inclinations of the remaining electorate to the right.

There was much cheering and joy. This proposal rapidly received enormous support at the conference. There seemed no lack of enthusiasm for a flag desecration amendment to be forced through the statehouses. At this moment Bernie Sanders took to the stage. Bernie is still widely popular among liberals and Democrats in the United States. He merely needed to get on stage to gain the attention of the conference. Everyone was silent waiting for Bernie to speak about the flag desecration amendment proposal.

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